Frequently Asked Questions on Internships

Who is eligible to apply for the Visiting Associate or Summer Consultant program?

Our Visiting Associate program is targeted at students working toward their Bachelor’s degree (5th semester or higher), Master’s degree (nearing the end of their studies), or PhD candidates.

The Summer Consultant position is open to MBA students during their summer break.

When can I participate in the Visiting Associate or Summer Consultant program?

Over the course of the year, we accept up to 20 participants in our Visiting Associate program. We will discuss the dates with you based on your preferences and our project requirements. We offer 3-5 slots each year for Summer Consultants.

What is the interview process for internships?

You will have one round of three interviews on the same day. The interviews will give you an opportunity to meet three different BCG consultants and we will be able to get to know you. A case taken from our actual client work will be discussed in each interview (in both English and German). At the end of the day, we will let you know whether you will receive an offer to take part in the program.

How long do the internships last?

The Visiting Associate program lasts three months. Summer Consultants usually spend ten weeks with BCG.

How involved will I be with client work?

You will be part of one or two different project teams during your time with BCG to experience what working at BCG is like. You will be assigned your own set of responsibilities and typically have client interaction. While you will spend a lot of time at the client's we will make sure we also give you the opportunity to spend time in the BCG office where you will meet other colleagues.

What is expected of me?

You need to quickly familiarize yourself with the role of a strategy consultant. This involves understanding complex situations, employing new methods as well as approaches, and presenting your findings in a precise and focused manner.

In addition to the analytical nature of your internship, there is also the interpersonal aspect, or your interactions with the team and the client. You will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the client’s organization, contribute on the creative front, and learn how to present your ideas and solutions in such a way as to influence both your team members and the client.

Who will supervise me during my time as a Visiting Associate or Summer Consultant?
You will receive daily guidance from an experienced Consultant and Project Leader who will coach you and help you grow into your new role. All your team members including the Partner on your project will be there to help you and make you feel at home. Finally, you will have a mentor who will answer any additional questions you may have. And, of course, you can contact our recruiting team any time.
Can I make any requests with regards to the project and the location?
We will make every effort to see that your preferences for locations and projects are given proper consideration. However, we are unable to make any guarantees in advance.

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