BCG has long been the destination of choice for top-performing MBA candidates. They know that BCG means unparalleled opportunity—to learn, to excel, to grow personally, and to advance their careers. And with BCG’s business growing at a rapid, industry-beating pace, those opportunities have never been greater or more numerous.

What to Expect

At BCG you will work closely with clients to help them gain a better understanding of their competitive position, develop future strategies, and achieve real results. In doing so, you will heavily leverage the conceptual business framework you acquired in the classroom. You’ll find BCG the perfect venue for field-testing theory.

You will also find that BCG offers exhilarating career-development opportunities. You’ll be working alongside and learning from BCG experts who have helped shape the business fortunes of many of the world’s leading companies. On the client side, you’ll be exposed to notably dynamic and innovative management teams. There is no better way to develop your own leadership skills than through daily interaction with leaders inside and outside BCG. The experience will give you an extraordinary and otherwise hard-to-acquire set of skills and perspectives.

Succeed with BCG
Joining us is a decision to maximize the return on the investment you’ve made in pursuing an MBA. BCG will act as a springboard to your career and give you an unparalleled advantage in the pursuit of your ambitions.
Starting with an MBA


MBA graduates from top-ranked universities with relevant business experience generally start at the Consultant level. At the beginning, you will receive comprehensive introductory training.

Summer Consultant program (internship)

We offer MBA students the chance to take part in our 10-week Summer Consultant program. You will work with experienced colleagues on client projects and experience up close what it is like to be a consultant at a top international strategic business consultancy. Depending on your performance, you will be offered a full-time position as Consultant.


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