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Women are a critical component of our organization and our clients' businesses, so we strive to attract and retain the best female employees. Our Women's Initiative provides a structured network of support, and our commitment to your success includes giving you the flexibility to deal with family obligations and changing personal circumstances.
Why Choose BCG?

You’re an ambitious, highly educated woman seeking a rewarding career providing both a platform for professional development and opportunities for personal growth. BCG strives to be the employer of choice for women entering the consulting industry.

We have been consistently recognized by Working Mother magazine as one of the 100 best companies overall for women to work for. Our Women's Initiative was also featured in FORTUNE magazine, which noted many of the specific ways we help our female employees succeed.

What Do Women Bring to BCG?

BCG strives to hire the best people regardless of gender. As well as the intellectual curiosity and ambition we look for in all BCGers, women also bring the special qualities of empathy, diplomacy, and the ability to develop interpersonal relationships our clients especially value, helping us to build strong and diverse project teams. Women are a critical component of our business and we strive to attract and retain the best.

BCG women have consistently been recognized as some of the finest consultants in the world. We are proud that five of our female partners have been included in Consulting magazine's "Top 25 Most Influential Consultants"

What to Expect at BCG: Opportunity, Support, Flexibility

We recognize that professional women face a unique set of hurdles as they navigate their careers. At BCG, reward is based on merit and success, and is directly proportional to talent and effort. We have an impressive history of female leadership and were one of the first to hire a female consultant, elect a female partner, and appoint a woman as head of one of our largest offices.

The proportion of women at all levels of BCG is consistently growing and we continue to outperform our peers in this area. Furthermore, an increasing number of BCG women are becoming alumni in leading positions outside BCG.

Our global Women’s Initiative supports and promotes affiliation among our female employees through its formal and informal network of mentors and role models. We also regularly schedule women-specific events, including gatherings in local offices and regional conferences.

Also, our career-sustainability program, PTO (Predictability, Teaming, and Open Communication), is a holistic way of addressing work-life balance that we have integrated into our daily operations. Applicable to all staff, this innovative approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of our client work while also creating a more rewarding experience for our people.

Finally, for women (and men) who need more flexibility to attend to family or other personal commitments, we offer a range of progressive options.  These include part-time employment, leaves of absence, and temporary non-client-facing roles.

We are committed to your success, both professional and personal.

The energetic environment and working together with bright minds is inspiring, challenging, rewarding as well as a lot of fun.
Partner & Managing Director, Zurich

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