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BCG works with the world's most prominent companies in virtually all industries. We add value by bringing our clients specific expertise and an independent perspective that can lead to new approaches and lasting change. The result is a work environment that is both challenging and rewarding.
Who Are the Clients?

In theory, any business can use a strategy consulting company. But the majority of organizations that do so are large to very large businesses that have national or, in many cases, global operations. These companies come from virtually all industries—including financial services, manufacturing, consumer goods and retail, energy, technology, telecommunications, and health care. Government agencies and nonprofit organizations are also frequent clients of strategy consulting firms.

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The Value of Strategy Consulting to Clients

Strategy consultants bring two attractive sets of capabilities to their clients. The first is specific expertise and experience. A business might, for example, find itself wondering which strategy to adopt to enter an attractive yet competitive market. A top strategy-consulting company will have guided any number of businesses through precisely that decision and accumulated a wealth of related knowledge along the way. Incorporating this knowledge and expertise makes the consultant an invaluable resource.

The second key attribute that strategy consulting firms offer these organizations is an independent perspective. Businesses often find themselves tied to particular approaches and ways of thinking. A company which has no such biases, can bring a fresh point of view. Coupled with a rigorously analytical approach, strategy consultants can deliver innovative solutions to their clients’ problems to make a significant impact.  Read what our clients have to say about the success BCG has helped them achieve.

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