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Strategy matters. The success of any enterprise depends on knowing what business you are in (or should be in), understanding the current and future sources of advantage in that business, and capturing and maintaining an unassailable advantage.

And no strategy lasts forever. Organizations need to review and renew their strategies regularly. Moreover, the half-life of strategies is shortening. The frequency of disruption and dislocation is increasing. New global competitors are emerging. Assets and activities are migrating to low-cost countries. Systemic risk is growing as business becomes increasingly interconnected. Industry boundaries are blurring inviting new challenges.

As a result, new more adaptive approaches to strategy development are required.

BCG Competencies

BCG has helped clients to spot, seize, and sustain advantaged positions since 1963. Along the way, we have pioneered a disproportionate share of the most important strategy concepts—the experience curve, portfolio strategy, time-based competition, and deconstruction, to name just a few.

We work in partnership with clients to reveal strategic risks as well as new sources of advantage, to design innovative strategies that address them, and to help bring these strategies to life.

Our strategy work focuses on four distinct areas critical to sustaining competitive advantage and value creation:

  • Setting the destination. Understanding future opportunities and the drivers of future competitive advantage through long-term visioning harnessing tools such as megatrends, scenario planning, gaming, and simulation.

  • Charting the course. Developing the plan to pursue opportunities and strengthen advantage, whether through a new direction for an existing business model or—when the existing model is nearing the end of its lifecycle—through business-model innovation. We also help design and refine strategic-planning processes.

  • Navigating emerging frontiers. Leveraging the power of new sources of advantage such as networks, intellectual property, and the Internet.

  • Ensuring results. Helping clients acquire and build new capabilities critical to their future advantage—and working alongside them to build new businesses.

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