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Sustainability is arguably the greatest challenge of our generation and the next. The question of how to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs has important environmental, economic, and social dimensions.

In today's global environment, tackling this challenge requires commitment from the private and corporate sector, governments and the public sector, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit organizations, and ultimately all individuals. The many different players need to focus on some key questions.

  • As a private company:

    • How can we reduce our environmental footprint and our cost?

    • How can we take advantage of renewable-energy developments?

    • How can we meet the needs of green consumers?

    • How can we build competitive advantage and create substantial value for an enlarged stakeholder network?

    • What organizational capabilities will be required to succeed in the new age of business sustainability?

  • As a policymaker:

    • How can I ensure a secure supply of vital resources while protecting against climate change, mitigating environmental pollution, and ensuring habitat conservation?

    • How can I push for greater energy efficiency?

    • How can I balance stakeholder pressure from citizens, other governments and policymakers, and industry?

    • How can I effectively work with the private sector and NGOs to tackle sustainability issues?

  • As a nonprofit organization:

    • How do we need to mobilize communities, businesses, and governments to adopt desired behaviors?

    • How do we prioritize different initiatives?

    • Where can we have the greatest impact on the environment?  How can we be most effective?

    • How can we promote and catalyze collaboration among different parties?

BCG Competencies

Sustainability is a priority for BCG and our clients. We have created a global sustainability network across multiple practices, hosted by the Energy and Environment practice and supported by experts from the Industrial Goods, Public Sector, and Social Impact practices as well as other industry and functional practices.

In addition, BCG has recently launched the Sustainability Initiative with MIT Sloan Management Review—a collaboration to make “business sense” of sustainability.

In our client work, we have built a significant base of experience in sustainability, particularly in these areas:

  • Deep dives into various alternative-energy-supply schemes for incumbent players in the energy sector

  • Call-for-action plans in response to scenarios, and their implications for industry players, manufacturers, technology companies, and investors

  • Work with industry associations

  • Deep understanding of policy landscape

Our comprehensive models help clients develop strategies and best practices to create competitive advantage and make business sense of sustainability. They also help public-sector clients set environmental policies and strategies that meet the needs of a myriad of stakeholders while driving major changes.

Knut Haanæs Senior Partner & Managing Director Geneva +41 22 888 2500

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