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Organizations specializing in engineered products and project (EPP) business, metals and mining, and process industries are facing numerous challenges as they attempt to weather the slow-growth economy. Although the business dynamics of these organizations have inherent differences, all are facing an environment that requires them to examine their operations more closely.

The engineered products and project (EPP) business industry consists of companies in three sectors: aerospace and defense, project business, and machinery and components. They need to assess their vulnerability to new market conditions in terms of backlog and cash position, and also choose the right pricing approach to protect margins.

Companies in the mining industry must maintain a sharp focus on operations and project development and, at the same time, a systematic method of capturing opportunities and preparing for the next up cycle.

Companies working in process industries—particularly in pulp and paper, chemicals, building materials, and their respective subsectors—are facing a range of new challenges.

The paper industry has experienced continuous weakness in demand, while costs have increased steadily. In the chemical industry, the current demand crisis, combined with a high level of feedstock volatility, will significantly change the global landscape. And companies in the building-materials sector must evaluate their competitiveness, develop growth strategies, and undertake acquisition searches and value-chain strategies.

BCG Competencies

In all of our Industrial Goods work, we have the advantage of leveraging our companywide knowledge resources as we work with clients on a broad range of topics along the value chain—covering issues of strategy, operations, and organization.

BCG's EPP sector consolidates our experience with companies from capital-intensive industries and their suppliers in the machinery and components field. We ensure that our clients are able to adapt to current industry challenges by leveraging our expertise in all the major EPP topics.

Additionally, BCG has deep experience in all process industries, and our collaborative network of professionals allows us to share relevant expertise across the different sectors. We have particular expertise in resolving the issues that will be crucial to sustaining these organizations in a changing global market.

In pulp and paper, BCG has worked across all major grades (graphic, packaging, hygiene, and specialties), in all regions, and on a broad range of projects. We have worked with four of the world’s top five companies in the industry, and we have significant expertise in specialized areas such as paper machinery, printing, conversion, and publishing

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