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  • Article
  • June, 2014
  • Pathways Conjoint: A New Approach to Pricing Mobile
  • Stefan Hoffmann, Pierre-Yves Jolivet, Maikel Wilms
  • Facing declining margins in voice and text, mobile operators must center plans around data and price them at optimal levels. While traditional approaches tend to set prices too low, a new BCG methodology results in more accurate pricing by identifying and factoring in how consumers really make purchasing decisions.

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  • Report
  • June, 2014
  • Digital Government: Turning the Rhetoric into Reality
  • Miguel Carrasco, Peter Goss
  • Governments have made good progress in delivering digital services, but many are still overwhelmed by complexity and slowed by bureaucratic skepticism and a lack of skills.  Users—accustomed to innovation in such sectors as retailing, media, and financial services—wish their governments would get on with it.

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  • Focus
  • June, 2014
  • Brazil's Next Consumer Frontier: Capturing Growth in the Rising Interior
  • Olavo Cunha, Masao Ukon, André Xavier, Rim Abida
  • Brazil’s wealth is spreading far beyond its major metropolitan areas. By 2020, smaller cities in the interior will account for nearly half of incremental household consumption and represent a consumer market of around $633 billion. But most companies are poorly positioned to capture this critical opportunity.
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