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  • Article
  • December, 2015
  • Street-Level Segmentation in India: Winning Big by Targeting Small
  • Shweta Bajpai, Nimisha Jain, Neeraj Aggarwal
  • Marketers that apply a one-size-fits-all approach in big, diverse emerging markets such as India often underperform. But companies that think small, turning local differences to their advantage, are more likely to win big. New tools make targeting street-level market segments not only possible, but much easier—and potentially highly profitable.
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  • Article
  • December, 2015
  • Shopping in Brazil: The Influence and Potential of Digital
  • Silvia Sonneveld, Douglas Woods, Rim Abida, Rafael Ferreira
  • Managers need a comprehensive approach to pursuing strategic priorities amid digital uncertainty.
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  • Article
  • November, 2015
  • Beauty Books: Meeting More Demanding Print Advertisers’ Needs
  • Neal Zuckerman, Sarah Willersdorf, Alannah Sheerin, Dena Neuenschwander, Abby Carpenter
  • Magazines continue to be central to fashion and beauty advertisers. But expectations are rising, particularly with respect to the benefits that ad buyers want from publishers. Publishers will have to work harder to maintain their current positions—and harder still if they want to stand out.
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