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  • November, 2014
  • Apparel at a Crossroads: The End of Low-Cost-Country Sourcing
  • Jessica Distler, Javier Fernandez-Seara, Holger Gottstein, Volker Haemmerle, Stefan Rasch, Stefan Rohrhofer
  • Sooner or later, there will be no low-cost countries left to meet apparel makers' needs. Companies must free themselves of the fallacy that keeping labor costs down is their only option and halt the perpetual migration of production from one country to the next.
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  • Focus
  • November, 2014
  • Casual Dining: How Brands Can Pivot from Irrelevance to Growth
  • Tom Lutz, Dylan Bolden, Keith Melker, Mary Martin
  • The casual dining segment is being hit by long-term, market-wide shifts in consumers’ spending patterns, but several brands are outperforming their peers. To join the leaders and return to growth, restaurants must establish a differentiated market position and deliver the benefits that fulfill consumers’ particular emotional needs.
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  • Article
  • November, 2014
  • Demand Forecasting: The Key to Better Supply-Chain Performance
  • Brian Myerholtz, Henry Caffrey
  • Companies have tried for years to optimize production and inventory deployment through more effective forecasting of customer and consumer demand. But too often, the models they use contribute to rather than reduce uncertainty. A new, more accurate BCG forecasting methodology can help companies hold down inventory, improve on-shelf availability, and reduce waste.

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