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  • Perspective
  • October, 2015
  • Take Giant Leaps (Because You’re Not Going to Win with Timid Steps): The Rocket Series
  • Michael Silverstein, Rune Jacobsen
  • No one has ever dramatically changed a market by offering timid, incremental improvements. To win, you need to be demonstrably different and better in all the ways that matter to consumers. You need to take giant leaps.
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  • Focus
  • September, 2015
  • What Really Shapes Customer Experience
  • Dag Fredrik Bjørnland, Cyrus Ditzel, Pedro Esquivias, Jody Visser, Steve Knox, Victor Sánchez-Rodríguez
  • Four things get people talking about a brand: value for money, customer service, product satisfaction, and emotional connection. Word-of-mouth recommendations offer a critical way to measure and improve a company’s performance on each dimension—and ultimately to boost growth.
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  • Focus
  • September, 2015
  • Excellence in Nonpersonnel Costs: Uncovering Cost Drivers to Achieve Sustained Improvements
  • Reinhard Messenböck, Hannes Pichler, Gregor Gossy, Christina Mühlenbein, Donat Wunderlich
  • BCG’s comprehensive approach helps companies identify and quantify opportunities to reduce nonpersonnel costs, select targets and improvement measures, and sustain improvements. The approach focuses on the “drivers”—such as head count or utilization—that determine the levels of nonpersonnel costs. Companies often achieve significant savings quickly and inexpensively.
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