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  • Perspective
  • November, 2015
  • Tomorrow Never Dies: The Art of Staying on Top
  • Martin Reeves, Knut Haanæs, Johann Harnoss
  • Many big companies are headed for the "success trap." Instead of exploring opportunities for the future, they're overexploiting existing business models and relying on past recipes for success. Their performance is suffering as a result. New approaches to strategy, execution, and leadership can steer companies away from the trap.
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  • Report
  • November, 2015
  • How to Win in a Transforming Lighting Industry
  • François Candelon, Allard Creyghton, Max Hong, Holger Rubel, Marty Smits
  • The $112 billion global lighting market is undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by the adoption of LED technology and the increasing popularity of connected lighting systems. These trends are altering the competitive dynamics of the market and changing what it takes to win across the lighting value chain.
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  • Focus
  • November, 2015
  • Dueling with Lions: Playing the New Game of Business Success in Africa
  • Patrick Dupoux, Lisa Ivers, Adham Abouzied, Abdeljabbar Chraïti, Fatymatou Dia, Hamid Maher, Stefano Niavas
  • Battles for leadership have erupted in many industries across the continent as local companies and multinationals vie for market share. Local companies have several big advantages, including their focus and flexibility. Here’s how both sides can adapt.
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