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  • Report
  • August, 2015
  • 2015 ECS Value Creators Report: Opportunities amid Uncertainty
  • Jeff Hill, Jody Foldesy, Santiago Ferrer, Mark Freedman, Andrew Loh, Frank Plaschke
  • The engineering, construction, and services industry has struggled since the onset of the financial crisis, and total shareholder returns chronically trail those of the S&P 500. Yet a handful of companies have managed to deliver sustained superior returns. Learn how these companies beat the odds despite fierce competitive pressure and a challenging macroeconomic environment.
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  • Article
  • August, 2015
  • Bringing the Shine Back into Gold Mining
  • Heinz Pley, Ilya Syshchikov, Erik Gaustad, Milad Monshipour
  • While many still believe that a near- to medium-term price recovery will revalidate mining companies’ current business models, BCG has a more bearish perspective.

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  • Focus
  • August, 2015
  • Winning Moves in the Age of Shareholder Activism
  • Jody Foldesy, Gerry Hansell, Daniel Friedman, Joel Janda, Jeff Kotzen, Tawfik Hammoud
  • Management and boards needn’t recoil from the activist challenge. By viewing the company from the activist’s perspective, they can make needed changes preemptively. And if an activist strikes, they can follow five principles to fortify their position and mount an effective strategic response.
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