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  • Article
  • January, 2015
  • Health Systems Leapfrogging: From Concept to Scale-Up and System Transformation
  • Mathieu Lamiaux, Emre Ozcan
  • The results of pilot initiatives in Africa bode well for emerging economies that are looking to create cost-effective, sustainable health systems.
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  • Article
  • January, 2015
  • Tapping New Efficiencies: How Mining Companies Can Run Like Manufacturers
  • Mining companies—which operate across remote and dispersed locations, under unpredictable conditions—have never been able to match the efficiency of manufacturers. But by embracing a holistic automation strategy, miners could integrate their processes end to end, improving the way they manage variability and optimizing their operations.
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  • Report
  • January, 2015
  • The Mobile Revolution: How Mobile Technologies Drive a Trillion-Dollar Impact
  • Julio Bezerra, Wolfgang Bock, François Candelon, Steven Chai, Ethan Choi, John Corwin, Sebastian DiGrande, Rishab Gulshan, David Michael, Antonio Varas
  • Mobile is the most rapidly adopted consumer technology in history. It stimulates spending in the trillions on R&D and infrastructure by the private sector, fuels economic growth for small businesses, and profoundly changes lives—everywhere. But continued innovation and growth across the industry require mobile players to overcome significant challenges and invest as much as $4 trillion by 2020.
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